HDP holds its 4th conference today

On Sunday morning, the Peoples' Democratic Party is holding its 4th conference in the Turkish capital, Ankara, with the participation of delegations from Kurdistan, Turkey, and other countries.

Since morning hours, citizens have been going to the hall where the Fourth HDP conference is being held today, in the Turkish capital, Ankara

Despite the obstacles imposed by the Turkish police on the arrivals, thousands of people have reached the hall, where it will be held, and chanted the slogans "With our Resistance, we Will Win", "There is no life without the leader", "Women are Life and Freedom."

According to the information, 30 thousand people are participating in the conference, including delegations from 28 countries, including "Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, Fes, Cyprus, Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, Lebanon, Greece, Basque, Italy, Catalonia, Denmark, Norway, England, Scotland, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Armenia, Iraq. "

Attitudes against isolation

From the early hours of the conference, the positions against isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan are clearly evident, and the banners hung in the hall written on "End isolation."

During the conference, a joint party presidency will be elected, in addition to the election of the party administration.



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