Hawar News Center 7-7-2020

- Follow-up on the events in the northeast regions of Syria.

- Follow-up activities and activities in northeast of Syria.

-The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are working to build military bases, fortifications, mounds, and mercenary points in the occupied villages of Ein Issa and Girê Spî countryside. (Photo and video included )

-The Amo, a displaced family from Serêkaniyê , does not care about the attacks of the Turkish occupation, as much as it lost its passion for returning to its city, which has become a dream that the family wakes every morning. (Photo and video attached )


-Journalist and political activist Kawa Nader Qadir said that KRG has not fulfilled its duty towards the attacks on its sovereignty, because it builds its positions according to partisan interests and not from the national standpoint, stressing that any cooperation with the Turkish occupation army against the Kurdistani People's Defense Forces is not nationalist and does not serve the Kurds. (Attached with pictures )


-The Co-chair of the Union of Intellectuals in the Al-Jazeera region – Al-Hasaka branch, considered that the aim of escalating Turkish attacks on the northeast of Syria and other Arab countries is to annex them to the borders of the Turkish state and restore the Ottoman era again, as the Lausanne General Agreement expires in 2023. (attached with pictures and video )

-The Co-chair of the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council made it clear that they were completing their work in achieving the Syrian-Syrian dialogue. He indicated that they, along with several Syrian democratic parties and forces, had formed a committee in order to hold a conference to ensure a political solution and represent the vanguard of the democratic struggle in the future Syria. (Photo and video attached )


-Shiraz Hamo indicated that the organized women of the northeas of Syria has become a reference for all women in the world. Targeting them is nothing but fear of this organization. She called on women to unify their visions and support women in northeast of Syria. (Photo and video attached )

Society and life

-More than 5 million Syrians in the northeast of the country are about to face an imminent humanitarian catastrophe due to the implementation of the Caesar Act sanctions by the United States of America on the country, and the continued closure of the Tel Kocber / Al-Yarubia border crossing in the face of humanitarian aid after the Russian veto. (Photo and video attached )

-Dêrik residents considered that the opening of consumer institutions at a time when the region is witnessing a rise in prices is a good step, while supervisors of the Roj Foundation confirmed that they are in the process of expanding the project to include food, milk and cheese in order to secure all requirements for the people. (Photo and video attached )

- In coordination with the Democratic Society Education Committee for Afrin district, the Kurdish Red Crescent started construction of a school inside Sardam camp in Al-Shahba district. (Photo and video attached (