Hawar News Center 16-7-2020

- Follow the course of events in the northeast of Syria

- Follow-up activities in the northeast of Syria.

- Qamishlo city council organizes a demonstration for condemning the Turkish occupation and its repeated crimes and calling for resisting it at 09:00. In the same context, a demonstration is held in the city of Al-Hasakah, Amuda, Tirbespiyê and Girkê Legê at 18:00.

- Al-Darbasiyah residents explained that the Turkish occupation poses a threat on the Middle East, especially the peoples of northeast of Syria, indicating that it seeks to exterminate the Kurdish people with the knowledge of America and Russsia.

- The writer and poet Jiwan Ibrahim said that the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan aims to prevent the leader’s ideas from spreading in the society, for the continuation of wars and conflicts in the Middle East to fulfill the capitalist states ambitions in the region.


-The specialized in Middle East affairs Hamida Yaghit said that the Turkish state is gathering more forces in Idlib and preparing for a military confrontation there


-The head of the Newroz Kurdish Association in Lebanon condemned the campaign of raids and arrests and said that AKP is targeting women activists because it fears free and political women of will, and demanded their immediate release.


-The conflict raged in both Sirte and the air base of Al-Jafra, between the warring parties involved in Libya to control the riches in these countries and their ports, and to ensure a foothold in them, reviving expansionist tendencies and old projects.