Hawar news agency's daily 9-8-2019

- Following up the Resistance of the Age in the second stage, the situation of the people who are residing in al-Shahba, and the activities that support the Resistance of the Age.

- Following up the latest developments about the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the lands of north and east Syria, Başûr (South Kurdistan) and the lawful defense zones, and the operations of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) against the Turkish occupation army.

- The Conference of the Islamic Democratic Society activities in North and East under a tent in the city of Qamishlo, in response to Turkish threats to launch aggression on Syrian territory would be ended(accompanied with photos and videos.)

The components of the city of Qamishlo confirmed its rejection of the Turkish project that seeks to establish a so-called "safe area" in northeastern Syria.

- A secret meeting was held between representatives of the Turkish State, the Kurdish National Council and the Syrian Coalition(accompanied with photos and videos.)

- Woman of ISIS was assigned to carry out various tasks within the sleeper cells of ISIS mercenaries, and recently prepared to carry out terrorist operations in Qamishlo Canton on the morning of Eid al-Adha before arresting her(accompanied with photos and videos.)


The leader of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria, Khabat Mohammed, said that the "safe area" at this stage should take into account the conditions of the peoples of the region and be under the protection of the United Nations(accompanied with photos and videos.)

The joint chairman of the Executive Council in the Autonomous Administration said that any political process or agreement would be incomplete without the participation of representatives from the regions of northern and eastern Syria(accompanied with photos and videos.)

- The official of the Assyrian Democratic Party - Syria, stressed the need for the safe area to be protected internationally and not Turkish because its history is full of massacres, and said, "We do not trust that it will create something positive in the region(accompanied with photos and videos.)