Hawar news agency's daily 21-4-2019


-Following up the Resistance of the Age in the second stage, the situation of the people who are residing in al-Shahba, and the activities that support the Resistance of the Age.

- Following up the latest developments about the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the lands of north and east Syria, Başûr (South Kurdistan) and the lawful defense zones, and the operations of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) against the Turkish occupation army.

- Residents of Afrin region will go on a mass demonstration condemning the Turkish army's intervention and violations on the Syrian territory in Sherawa district's Ziyara village at 13:00 (photo and video attachment).

- The Internal Security Forces (ISF) through its special and accurate operations, has managed to eliminate many terrorist cells and groups in the north-eastern regions of Syria, noting that investigations have shown that many terrorist groups receive direct support from Turkey.


- The Syrian file witnessed intensive regional and international moves, as the Russian-Iranian competition and the conflict intensified as a result of the increase of Russian coordination with Israel, while the fighting in the demilitarized zones increased while the events in Algeria, Sudan and Libya continue.


- Turkey is the largest prison for journalists, has arrested more than 319 journalists since the coup, as well as the closure of 189 media outlets and the presence of 839 journalists accused and 92 wanted.


- The Traffic police members of al-Raqqa organize traffic within the city, supervise daily patrols, and seek to open a driving school for women.

- The residents of the village of Boz Keij and its neighboring villages of Manbij in the northern and north-western parts of the village returned to the ritual of visiting the shrine of Sheikh Yusuf Al-Nurani Sufi after the interruption of the ritual for more than four years.