Hawar news agency's daily 20-5-2019

- Following up the Resistance of the Age in the second stage, the situation of the people who are residing in al-Shahba, and the activities that support the Resistance of the Age.

- Following up the latest developments about the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the lands of north and east Syria, Başûr (South Kurdistan) and the lawful defense zones, and the operations of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) against the Turkish occupation army.

- The solidarity with the campaign of hunger strike and strike until martyrdom continued on its fifth day inside the solidarity tent in al-Ahdath with the participation of people of the area(accompanied with photos and videos.)

Today, the activities of the hunger strike in al-Jazeera region on its fourth day, to support for the activist Leyla Guven and hunger strikers in the prisons of the Turkish occupation(accompanied with photos and videos.)


- The women of al-Tabqa city took part in a demonstration to denounce the Turkish violations in Afrin and refused to build the occupation wall(accompanied with photos and videos.)


- The Yazidi House in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo issued a statement to the public, condemning the practices of the Turkish occupier by building the occupation wall around Afrin at 14:00 (accompanied with photos and videos.)

Culture and Art

- The Syriac Cultural Association in Hasakah will open Abdulmaseeh Qrabashi House for Culture and Art at Baghdad Street in Al Hasakah City at 18:00(accompanied with photos and videos.)