Hawar News Agency’s daily 18-9-2019

- Following up the resistance of the age in its second phase, and following up the situation of the people of Afrin resident in al-Shahba, and the events and activities in support of the resistance to the era.

- Following up on the latest developments in the Turkish occupation army attacks on the territories of northern and eastern Syria and Başûr (southern Kurdistan) and the areas of legitimate defense, and operations of the People’s Defense Forces against the Turkish occupation army.

-Various tasks were assigned to the Abu Muhammad al-Homsi's cell of ISIS mercenaries in al-Tabqa and al-Raqqa, in which the mercenaries targeted military forces and other legal persons(accompanied with photos and videos.)

-The displaced Yarub camp demanded form al-Raqqa Civil Council to provide them with the necessary support before winter, while the administrative office in the relief office confirmed that the council will provide all means of heating for the displaced. (Attached with photos and videos.)


"What ISIS did in Shingal against Yezidi women is repeated in Afrin, the Afrin's women are marginalized by human rights organizations, and no one is talking about their situation and their suffering under the occupation," said Kongra Star Coordinator in Rojava Hadiya Shammo(accompanied with photos and videos.)

- The campaign launched by the Department of Women in the areas of "al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa, Manbij and Deir ez-Zor" under the slogan "We United .. We won .. We will Resist .. To protect" entered a new stage of organizing events to reduce violence against women(accompanied with photos and videos.)