Hawar News Agency’s daily 10-9-2019

- Following the resistance of the Age in its second phase, and following up the situation of the people of Afrin resident in Shahba, and events and activities in support of the resistance to the era.

- Following up the latest developments in the Turkish occupation army attacks on the territories of northern and eastern Syria and Başûr (southern Kurdistan) and the areas of legitimate defense, and the operations of the People’s Defense Forces against the Turkish occupation army.

- The Turkish occupation army continues to build the occupation wall, which separates Afrin and Shahba, where the length of the wall currently 3600 meters in six months (Attached with photos and videos.)

- The residents of Afrin, who live in al-Shahba, said that the siege of the regime will not break their resistance, stressing that they are facing the siege through agriculture and self-reliance(Attached with photos and videos.)


- The spokesman of the Autonomous Administration that the understandings of the security mechanism did not satisfy the Turkish side and welcomed the return of the refugees but not to the areas of the Autonomous Administration(accompanied with photos and videos.)

- A number of people in the city of Kobani called the Kurdish political parties to unite the Kurdish line of resistance in the face of any entity threatening the existence of the Kurds, and defend the gains made thanks to the blood of the martyrs (attached with photos and videos.)


-Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has returned to threat and occupy northern and eastern Syria, a few hours after joint patrols between in Gire Spi and Serikaniya, but Erdogan's words, as every time revealed his real intention to occupy the region and falsify his claims about the north and east Syria and its components and considering them "terrorists."

- Turkey continues its role in complicating the Syrian crisis and hindering efforts to reach peace in the country. The Syrian people should know the Turkish state well. The main reason for Syria's destruction and tragedy is the Turkish state. Turkey will not be able to evade prosecution for crimes against humanity(accompanied with photos and videos.)


- The Young Women Union in Manbij organizes a protest in al-Megheta Market in the city center to denounce the threats of the Turkish occupation at 16:00. (attached with photos and videos).

- The wives of martyrs in Afrin are organizing a march, as part of the campaign of Kongra Star condemning the Turkish occupation and its threats, at Serdam camp in Al-Shahba Canton at 15:30 (attached with photos and video).