Hawar News Agency’s 1-10-2019

- Following up the resistance of the age in its second phase, and following up the situation of the people of Afrin resident in al-Shahba, and events and activities in support of the resistance to the age.

- Following up on the latest developments in the Turkish occupation army attacks on the territories of northern and eastern Syria and Başûr (southern Kurdistan) and the areas of legitimate defense, and the operations of the People Defense Forces against the Turkish occupation army.

The situation is worsening in the areas occupied by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries day by day at all levels, most notably social and economic, in addition to the security chaos, while the Turkish occupation continues its policies to change the demography of the region and impose a policy of Turkification in the occupied areas(accompanied with photos and videos.)

World-Middle East

In his remarks at the British Royal Institute for International Studies (Chatham House) in 2014, former Turkish President Abdullah Gul did not hesitate to express his reassurance from his ISIS neighbor, describing it as "a political movement, not a religious one, and not an ideological threat to Turkey," (accompanied with photos and videos.)


- The co-chairman of al-Hasakeh Canton Council, Abdul Ghani Osu, expressed the rejection of any constitution that does not include all components of the region(Attached with photos and videos.)

- Opposition Syrian writer and journalist Alaa Al-Khatib does not see an opportunity for the success of the Constitutional Committee because it does not represent the Syrians (Attached with photos and videos.)


- Within the series of events of Kongr Star Campaign Keep your land and dignity, Defeat the occupation and ISIS, Kongra Star organizes in the area of ​​Terbespiye , a public meeting for the people, in the Roj Club Lounge 09.00. (Attached with photos and videos.)

The Syrian Women's Council held 42 meetings in Manbij city and its countryside in which the social problems of women were discussed and solutions were proposed, and they are planned to continue until 25 November (Attached with photos and videos.)

- The Golden Crescent Movement is preparing to hold a special art festival for women in the north and east of Syria, which will be held in mid-October(Attached with photos and videos.)

Culture and Art

-A light exhibition on violations of the Turkish occupation against cultural property in Afrin under the title "Call of Civilization" begins at 11:00 am and lasts for two days at Baqi Khaddo Center for Culture and Art in Kobani (Attached with photos and videos.)