​​​​​​​Hawar news agency plan 5-26-2023

The youth of north and east Syria stressed the need to delve deeper into the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, with whom they are alive, and stressed the need for the youth to be present in all fields for the leader's physical freedom (attached with photos and videos).

There are many stories that embodied heroic epics of redemption and resistance in the homeland of glory and honor, including the story of the martyr Baran, who preferred the homeland over his children. He always used to say and swear that he is the son of the revolution and that the sons of the revolution do not want "money and children", but rather their only demand is freedom (attached with photos and videos).

Human rights activists have confirmed that the Iraqi government, by besieging Makhmour camp, is violating the international conventions, treaties and covenants signed in 1951 and its protocols in 1967, which stipulate and affirm the rights and protection of refugees (attached with photos and videos).

The Culture and Art Authority in North and East Syria organized, for 6 consecutive days, the Rojava Forum for Fine Art, with the participation of 20 artists, and the organizers of the forum confirmed that the level of participants was higher and better than previous forums (attached with photos and videos).

A researcher in Turkish affairs confirms that the battle in the second round of the Turkish presidential elections will be very difficult, and he said: "I expect that the opposition will win new votes and the difference with Erdogan will be reduced, and a surprise may occur with Kilicdaroglu's victory in the battle" (attached with photos).

Al-Shahba FM Radio in the city of Aleppo will move, on the first of next June, from its experimental broadcast to its official broadcast, with a news bulletin and various programs (attached with photos and videos).

The Intellectuals Union in Jazira region is holding its fifth conference under the title "An cultured society is capable of preserving the gains" in the auditorium of Rojava University, in the city of Qamishlo, at 10:00 (attached with photos and videos).

At the initiative of the Office of Relations of the Syrian Democratic Forces in al-Jazeera region and the sheikhs of the region's clans, a reconciliation session will be held between the al-Siyad al-Na'im and al-Hayyal clans, in the city of Hasakah, at 17:00 (attached with photos and video).