Hawar News Agency Plan 5-20-2023

*Based on the importance that leader Abdullah Ocalan gives to intellectuals, and considers them the saviors of peoples from the clutches of regimes seeking to obliterate their identity, intellectuals believe that they must play a major role in spreading his thought and demanding his physical freedom. (Attached with videos and photos).

*Firas Qassas confirmed that the initiative of the Autonomous Administration to end the Syrian crisis is very important in a theoretical and intellectual sense, indicating that the Autonomous Administration has done everything within its power to solve the crisis, but there are forces that impede the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, expressing his pessimism about the position of these parties, saying Will authoritarians, extremists and puppets suddenly turn into advocates of dialogue and freedom?

*The 14 elections, on which great hopes and expectations were pinned, yielded unexpected results. Confidence in the current alliances has been shaken and has become suspicious. For whom were the election results? Who won and who lost? What conclusions did each side draw? And what were the mistakes? Do parties consider their constituents and their masses as a target or a tool? The elections were held despite all these questions and despite the overt and covert games, schemes and thefts. Although the election of the President of the Republic has been left to a second round, there is a prevailing model in Turkey which is that elections cannot be won through the ballot box.

*The people's municipalities in NE Syria are performing service work at a high rate, while the siege imposed on the Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods affects the work of the municipality, which is trying as much as possible to serve the citizens. (Attached with videos and photos).

*Muhammad Ali inherited the profession of making shoes from his father and grandfather, who had been working in it for 23 years, but the siege of the Damascus government threatens his profession through which he seeks to achieve his self-sufficiency. (Attached with videos and photos).

*A farmer from Kobani canton said, "The responsibility for protecting agricultural crops is everyone's responsibility (Attached video and photos).

*The Martyr Hogar Student Festival concludes its activities on the second and final day, with cultural and literary events, at Haitham Kajo Stadium in Qamishlo, at 08:30, (attached with photos and videos).

*The Committee for the Freedom Initiative of Leader Ocalan is organizing a meeting for the lawyers participating in the initiative to set up an action program, in the city of Raqqa, at 10:00 (attached with video and photos).