​​​​​​​Hawar news agency plan 5-19-2023

The citizens of north and east Syria affirmed the brutal political practice practiced by the Turkish occupation state against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and their complete rejection of the strict isolation against him, explaining: "In order to be worthy of the trust given to us by Leader Apo, he must be physically liberated" (attached with photos and videos).

The mother of the martyr, Hevrin Khalaf, expressed her dissatisfaction and anger over the protection of her daughter's killer, who was given an identity by the Turkish occupation state and transferred to Turkey to vote in the elections, and said that the international forces and courts are cooperating with the mercenaries (attached with photos and videos).

Residents of north and east Syria affirm that coexistence between the components enabled them to confront all the conspiracies planned against the region, and that national cohesion between the components is the lifeboat for the Syrians in light of the chaos the world is witnessing (attached with photos and videos).

Women from Qamishlo strongly condemned the arrest of the Kurdish politician Azima Arson, and demanded that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) reveal her situation as soon as possible and release her (photo and video attached).

Ancient is the establishment of prisons to punish criminals and opponents of the ruling regimes in the world, and the truth is that it is difficult to know its beginning, as it is so ancient, that it was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, in reference to the imprisonment of the Prophet Joseph, as prisons were mentioned in the Torah that they were present in Jerusalem since the age of Prophet Musa and even before that, and it continued to date (attached with pictures).

With small fingers and a strong memory that leads them to the features of Afrin, from which they were displaced after the occupation, two children in the center of the Golden Crescent Movement, express their longing for their occupied city, by drawing paintings that contain trees and flowers, and the details that characterize Afrin (attached with photos and video).

For more than 35 days, the Damascus government barriers have prevented the passage of the necessary materials to complete the process of restoring the infrastructure in the Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods, in order to avoid other disasters such as the collapse of buildings, especially after the February 6 earthquake, within the framework of its siege on the two neighborhoods (attached with photos and videos).

During the past two days, the Libyan crisis witnessed a new development, represented by the Parliament's announcement to suspend the Prime Minister-designate, Fathi Bashagha, from work and refer him for investigation. What are the indicators and objectives of this? (Attached with photos and video).