Hawar news agency plan 5-18-2023

Politicians in North and East Syria denounced the KDP's closure of the Faysh Khabour crossing, and stressed that the closure of the crossing is a catastrophe and a crime against the Kurdish people, as it aims to cause a rift between the Kurdish people and the Kurdistanian community.

The 18th of May is known as the day of the resistance and the revolutionary struggle of the Turkish and Kurdish people, and the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, which has grown on this legacy, declared this day as Martyrs' Day.

The Arab and Kurdish components stressed that the mixing of the blood of the components during the revolution in North and East Syria constituted a stronghold against attempts to dismantle its unity, and stressed their continuation in escalating the struggle until achieving the physical freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, who laid the foundation for the philosophy of coexistence and the democratic nation.

For more than twenty days, Sudan, this poor country, has been witnessing a fierce war between two Sudanese parties that were allies in the past, but today they are staunch opponents. the bereaved.

Protection is a well-established societal culture in northern and eastern Syria, including the protection of agricultural crops. With the crops ripening, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, in cooperation with farmers, takes many precautionary measures to protect crops.

Afrin's displaced people consider the Turkish authorities' participation of Syrian mercenary leaders classified on terrorist lists in the Turkish presidential and parliamentary elections as a violation of international decisions and laws.

Do the alliances between Iran and Saudi Arabia on the one hand, and Damascus and Saudi Arabia on the other, bring a solution to the grinding humanitarian crises in Lebanon? Where despair, misery, and deprivation hang over the land of the Cedars, due to the intensification of the conflict between the decision-makers in Tehran and Riyadh, and the dependence of its foreseeable future on fluctuations between the Republic and the Kingdom.