Hawar News Agency daily 5-5-2020

 -Following up the events of northeast Syria.-

- Following-up events and activities in northeast Syria.

-Arab intellectuals noted that the execution of intellectuals by the Ottoman Empire was to eliminate their ideas of resistance  against the Ottoman occupation, and they stated that Turkey continues the practices of the Ottoman Empire by killing and arresting hundreds of journalists and academics. ( attached with photos )

-The owners of 600 harvesters have completed their preparations for harvesting in Kobane province. (Attached  with photos and video).

-The initial response team in Raqqa introduced 11 fire engines in service, in preparation for the harvest season. The team's administrator confirmed that the entire city fire brigade is in a state of readiness to avoid any fires in agricultural crops, as happened last season. (Attached with photos and videos)

-The Afrin District Council delivers  a statement regarding the recent attacks and violations of the Turkish occupation army in the occupied canton of Afrin at Al-Awdah camp at 11:00. (Attached with photos and video).


-After the Russian-Turkish agreement, Idlib has been relatively calm, but the war is likely to return to the region at any time. What happened in Idlib from October 24, 2019, to March 5, 2020? (Attached with the pictures).


-The Kurdish writer and media man Melvan Rasul called on all keen patriots on the unity of the Kurdish rank to put aside differences, "Enough is enough," he said, adding that the recent message of Ocalan is clear calling for unity and agreement on national principles. ( Attached with photos and videos )

- The Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria extended the curfew in the region, and allowed some professions to work, provided that preventive measures were adhered to, and the first days after the extension saw some violations, such as non-compliance with preventive measures as required. (Attached with photos and video).