​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Daily 29-4-2020

- following up the events in the northeast of Syria.

- following the latest events and activities in the northeast of Syria.

-Khalil Bilal, who met leader Ocalan in the 1990s, called to adhere to the philosophy of the leader Ocalan to achieve the goals of the revolution.  He referred to the leader humbleness that changed the concept of the leadership personality. ( attached with photos and videos )

-Why did Zîne Wartê become a crisis centre in Başûr of Kurdistan? (Attached with the pictures).


-Najm Mala Omar, the Kurdish politician called on the political parties to resolve differences through dialogue. He stressed that the Kurdish interest must prevail over partisan interests, and avoid infighting. ( attached with photos and videos )


-Authorizing Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar to lead the country by the Libyans, has put an end to the constitutional vacuum that Libya has suffered since the expiry of  the Government of Reconciliation, which was approved by 2015 agreement, Jamal Rayeif, a political researcher  in the international affairs.  ( attached with photos )

Society and life

-The Health Authority, the Education Authority of northern and eastern Syria and the University of Rojava have taken a joint decision to transform the Health Academy in Rojava into a "faculty of medicine" that belongs to the University (attached to photographs and video)

-The Economy and Agriculture Authority  in the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria, provided the necessary pesticides necessary to fight suni bug that affects badly the wheat and barley crops. ( attached with photos and videos )

-Due to the need of the Dêrik region for an ambulance system, the Kurdish Red Crescent, with the support of the Kurdistan Red Crescent, has begun to prepare a center for emergency services and situations. ( attached with photos and videos )