Hawar news agency center’s daily 6-4-2020

- following up the events in northern and eastern Syria.

- Following up the events and activities in northern and eastern Syria.

- A Syrian economist pointed out that the Autonomous Administration's self-sufficiency and food security, will enable it to develop the health sector and healthcare  to face the coronavirus, pointing out the importance of the natural and human resources . (Photo and video attached).

 - The administrator doctor at Afrin hospital, Osman Sheikh Issa, confirmed that  Al Shahba canton has not yet recorded any infection with the coronavirus, calling on the people to abide by medical instructions and precautionary measures and the decisions of the crisis cell in order to save everyone from this pandemic. (Photo and video attached).

 - The Chamber of the Worker Union in Aleppo city takes it upon itself to cover the expenses of all workers who were forced to stop working in accordance with the decisions that were issued to stop all workshops to reduce gatherings to prevent the spread of the coronavirus until the end of the curfew period. (Photo and video attached).


- Dr. Iyad Majali, a researcher in international relations, stressed that the conflict and contradiction between Russia and Saudi Arabia is represented by the secretions of the global oil economic crisis, especially what was imposed by the terrible spread of the Corona , and pointed out that the aggravation of economic relations is aimed at taming the Russian bear according to the agenda America, both in its regional environment and within the framework of Moscow's expansion project in the Middle East. (Photo attached).

Society and Life

- Hundreds of families in Girkê Legê have benefited from voluntary donations and grass-roots initiatives, under curfew conditions and efforts to prevent the emergence of the coronavirus. (Photo and video attached).