​​​​​​​Hawar news agency center's daily 30-04-2020

Following the events witnessed in the regions of north and east Syria.

Following the activities in north and east Syria.

Afrin displaced people called for the Kurdish unity to prevent Turkey from achieving its goals dispersing the Kurdish people (attached with photos and video).

40 villages have been living in darkness in the areas of Tel Tamr and Zerkan since six months   after the electricity network came under the Turkish occupation, under the sight of the "Russian guarantor". The co-chair of the electricity department in Tel Tamr area Fahad Sima'ala said, "we cannot enter to those villages on the line of engagement, when we make an agreement with the Russian forces, we will be able to restore electricity" (attached with photos and video).

After suspending the University of Rojava as part of preventive measures to curb the coronavirus outbreak. The administrative body of the university has taken measures to continue the online educational process in the second semester on 3 May 2020.  For this purpose, it has developed a guide to the online education system at the university (attached with photos and video).

Society and Life

Manbij farmers began harvesting summer vegetables (zucchini and cucumber) and marketing them to the city's markets, and this is the beginning of supplying the markets with vegetables from local production in a step that will contribute to reducing the price hikes witnessed in the region recently (attached with photos and video).