Hawar news agency center's daily 23-09-2020

Follow-up of the events taking place in the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

Follow-up events and activities in northern and eastern Syria.

The mothers of the martyrs and fighters of the People's Defense Forces in al-Jazeera region make a statement to the public opinion in the second week to condemn the Turkish attacks on Kurdistan regions and the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan (attached with photos and video).

Najmuddin Mulla Omar explained: "We must not make mistakes and achieve the goals of our enemies, and direct weapons against our brothers, we must resist for the freedom and approach of the Kurdish people and achieve their hopes for freedom (attached with photos and video).

The Co-Chair of al-Hasakah Canton Council explained that thanks to awareness, harmony and cohesion between the components and the brotherhood of the peoples, the region was protected from chaos under the Autonomous Administration, and she said: "The mutual dialogue will be a radical solution to all issues related to the Syrian crisis" (attached with photos and video).

The Kurdistan Democratic Party is recruiting agents for it in Rojava, and in return for money it seeks to liquidate the region's gains, as the confessions of the agents of the Kurdistan Democratic Party reveal the truth about these dirty practices that are followed in the region (attached with photos and video).


The Egyptian writer and researcher in political affairs, Hassen Badie, said that supporting the Kurdistan Community Union's campaign calling for confronting the Turkish occupation policy is a duty for all Kurdish and Arab democratic forces facing the danger of Ottoman politics together, calling for working together to define an international day of solidarity and demand the release of the leader Ocalan (attached with photos).


Sheikh Mohamed Sadeq al-Asidi, the sheikh of Bani al-Asidi clan, indicated that the Turkish occupation practices violations and crimes against the Syrian people with all its components, as it does not help the Syrian people as it claims, but rather wants to plant colonial plans to plunder the goods of the Syrian lands (attached with photos and video).


The displaced women of Serêkaniyê and Afrin explained that the Commission's statement regarding the occupied territories is not sufficient and requires realistic efforts to end the occupation, and they demanded strict decisions to hold accountable the perpetrators of violations against women in particular (attached with photos and video).