​​​​​​​Hawar news agency center’s daily 17-05-2020

Following the events witnessed in north and east Syria.

Following the activities in north and east Syria.

The Council of Martyrs Families in al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood will lighten the candles on the martyrs’ tombs on the occasion of Martyrs Day, May 18th at the Martyrs’ Shrine in Beno village in Aleppo city at exactly 21:00 (attached with photos and video).

The advisor of al-Jabour tribe council in al-Jazeera region, Akram Mahshoush, emphasized that the implementation of the project of the democratic nation based on the ideology of the Leader Abdullah Ocalan is a solution to all the problems and crises of the Middle East because democracy does not include authoritarianism, but rather the interest of the peoples of the region (Attached with photos and video).

The people of Afrin called on humanitarian and international organizations to work to lift the isolation on the Leader Abdullah Ocalan in light of fears of the spread of the Corona virus in the Turkish prisons (attached with photos and video).


Luqman Ahmi confirmed that any military or political escalation at this stage among the Kurdish forces in any part of Kurdistan would have negative repercussions on the endeavors of the unity of the Kurdish rank, and he said: “All disputes can be resolved through dialogue and discussions” (attached with photos and video).


The displaced Fatima Sino from Serêkaniyê sent a message confirming that despite the limited capabilities in the camps, their resistance continues until they return to their lands and the occupation comes out (attached with photos and video).