Hawar news agency center’s daily 15-01-2020

 - Following-up the events that are taking place in north eastern Syria.

 - Following-up the Age Resistance  in its second phase.

- Following-up  the events and activities in north eastern Syria.

 - The forcibly displaced people of Afrin to Al Shehaba Canton, denounced the imposed isolation on  the Commander Abdullah Ocalan by the Turkish authorities, describing it as attempts to block the solution of the  crises in the Middle East. (Attached with photos and video).

 -  Afrin Intellectuals  argued that Ocalan's views on resolving the Middle East crises are incompatible with the interests of the tyrannical state, which led her to stress the isolation of Ocalan in Emraly prison. (Attached with photos and video )

Deputy of the co-head  of  the Executive Council of  the  Autonomous Administration  said that through dialogue with the participants of the annual conference of the  Autonomous Administration    we reached a unified formula and a map to work on it in the future, pointing out that the biggest humanitarian crisis left by Turkey and its mercenaries, during its invasion of our regions . (Attached with photos and video)

The administrator at the organizational office in the Syria Future Party, Aleppo branch. Imad Mussa, said the Syrian crisis is about to finish its 9th year, but the serious signs of the solution don’t exist till now. He stressed that the key to the solution is through the Syrian- Syrian dialogue. And having all the components of the Syrian people on the same table for dialogue.  ( attached with videos and photos)

Many attempts aimed at making a strife between the components of the Syrian people by some internal parties and the Turkish enemy, all of which failed because the awareness statue that the Syrians in the north and east of Syria has got against the ambitions that pose a threat on their existence and target their security. (Attached with videos and photos)