Hawar news agency center's daily 08-07-2020

Following the events witnessed in the regions of north and east Syria.

Following the activities in north and east Syria.

Hamid Nasser, the Co-chair of the Directorate of Antiquities in Afrin canton declared that the crimes and violations of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are continuing against the antiquities in Afrin canton, calling on the international community to hold the perpetrators (attached with photos and video).

Institutions' directors in al-Hasakah explained that capitalist countries are tightening the isolation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan because he represents the culture of the Middle East, noting that violations are taking place in the name of NATO because they do not want to rid the region and its peoples of the outstanding crises (attached with photos and video).

The director of the Waqf Office in the city of al-Raqqa, Ali Nayef al-Shuaib, pointed out that cutting off the water of the Euphrates for millions of Syrians is a major war crime, the price of which is paid by the Syrian people, and the international community must take a serious stand towards it, and work to hold the Turkish regime accountable (attached with photos and video).


The official spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces, Kino Gabriel, indicated that the Turkish occupation continues its threats to the north-eastern regions of Syria, explaining that it is not possible to exclude Turkey from launching a new attack on the region despite all the agreements and guarantees (attached with photos and video).

Intellectuals in al-Jazeera said that the American silence regarding the deals undertaken by the guarantor countries raises fears, called for raising the pace of struggle and resistance, and stressed the need to unify the Kurdish ranks (attached with photos and video).