Hawar news agency center's daily 03-08-2020

Follow up the events taking place in the north and east of Syria.

Follow-up activities in northern and eastern Syria.

The Şengal massacre was not the only one in the history of Yazidi community, but more than 73 other "firman" massacres were recorded before it, whose past and present perpetrators sought to exterminate an entire component in an attempt to obliterate the culture and heritage of thousands of years (attached with photos and video).

They migrated because of the Baath injustice in Iraq, and moved to Syria to be subjected to the injustice of the Syrian regime and the Turkish army later (attached with photos and video).


The Şengal Resistance Units were born out of the side of the massacre committed by ISIS mercenaries against the Yazidis in Şengal in August 2014 to turn into a military system depends on the moral-political community, defends coexistence, and consolidates it despite all the policies and targeting operations that attempt to distort its reality (attached with photos and video).


The co-chair of the academies of the Democratic Society in al-Hasakah canton stated that the aim of the Turkish occupation from its attacks on "Hefetnin" is to establish its presence in the region and kill the peoples fighting for freedom, and demanded the Kurdish parties to join hands and support the resistance of Hefenin (attached with photos and video).


The life of many Yazidi women turned into a tragedy within hours after ISIS mercenaries' attacks on the villages of Şengal on August 3, 2014 (attached with photos and video).