Hawar news agency center's daily 03-07-2020

Following the events witnessed in the region of NE Syria.

Following the activities in NE Syria.

Various violations and practices committed by the Turkish occupation and mercenaries of the "Syrian National Army" stifling the people in light of the continuation of the Turkification policy and demographic change starting from the institutions (attached with photos and video).

The residents of Ashrafieh neighborhood in the city of Aleppo denounced the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan in Imrali prison, and stressed that the Turkish state wants to exterminate the Kurds (attached with photos and video).

The areas under the control of the Syrian government are witnessing an increase in the percentage of living below the poverty line, as a result of the crazy rise in commodity prices and the low per capita income, and the people of Aleppo say that the present-day congestion in the city has reached the explosion point, but in the Sheikh Maksoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods, the situation is different to what (attached with photos and video).


Falak Naz said: "Through its continuous attacks on all parts of Kurdistan, the Turkish state is seeking not to the Kurds reach their rights, and this is not a way for a solution, so if it really wants a democratic solution, it should head towards Imrali (attached with photos and video).


Women in the city of Qamishlo called on the Kurdish parties to settle disputes and put partisan differences aside, and work to unify the Kurdish ranks, and made it clear that uniting the Kurdish ranks will bring victory, and it will be a painful blow to the enemies of the Kurds (attached with photos and video).