Hawar News Agency center plan 9-21-2020

Follow-up of the events in the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

Follow-up events and activities in northern and eastern Syria.

The people of the town of Jazaa will march to denounce the Turkish attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and the isolation on leader Abdullah Ocalan, at 10:00. (Attached with pictures and video).

The Human Rights Organization on the Al-Jazeera makes a statement on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, in the Reading Garden in Qamishlo at 11:00 am (attached with photos and video).

The official spokesperson for the Human Rights Organization in Afrin - Syria, the human rights defender Ibrahim Sheikho, said that the report issued by the United Nations Commission of Inquiry is considered the essential step for opening cases in the International Criminal Court, and indicated that these crimes constitute only 30% of the crimes committed on a daily basis Against the indigenous people of Afrin. (Attached with pictures and video).

The Turkification policy is still in progress in full swing, through the Syrian tools, as the Syrian journalist Ali Nimr expressed his astonishment at “these groups launching the accusation of secession against the SDF,” stressing that it is easy “to know who is traitor to his country and its people and from who declares openly that it is part of Syria. ”(Attached with photos and video)


The Women’s Economy Conference will be held today at the level of northeastern Syria at the Muhammad Sheikho Center in Qamishlo City at 09:00 (attached with photos and video).

The Co-chair of the Social Justice Council, Avin Haj Hamo, confirmed that the report of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry was not complete, and did not document all violations, especially the right of Afrin's women, calling for resolute measures to be taken against the fascist Turkish state. (Attached with pictures and video).


There are still different analyzes about the goals and results of the resignation of the head of the Libyan Government of National Accord, Fayez al-Sarraj, from his post, as everyone wonders about the fate of the agreements that Sarraj concluded with Turkey, and where is Libya heading in the next stage? (Attached with photos and video).

Culture and art

The Tourism and Antiquities Protection Directorate of the Democratic Civil Administration of Al-Tabqa has warned of the collapse of some towers in the ancient Citadel of Jaabar near the city of Tabqa on the Euphrates Lake, as a result of neglect over the past years, especially in the period that followed the mercenaries' control of the region, especially the era of ISIS occupation. (Attached with pictures and video).


A member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Nihad Ahmed, said that the peoples that overthrew the region's governments will not hesitate to overthrow those who act against their cause, and stressed the need for the Kurdistan Regional Government to stop practices that are in the service of the occupied countries of Kurdistan and to move away from narrow party interests. (Attached with pictures and video).