Hawar News Agency Center Plan 29-7-2021

  • Raqqa Youth Council organizes a march condemning Turkish violations on Syrian soil, at 09:00 (photos and videos are attached).
    • Attention is turning to As-Suwayda, in southern Syria, after leaking a document from the Damascus government that talks about the intention of ISIS mercenaries to launch attacks there, which raised concerns about the reality of this and the goals behind this. A politician from As-Suwayda who viewed this document revealed to our agency its objectives and possible scenarios. (photos and video attached).
    • The Sheikh of the Arab al-Ali clan called on the international community to recognize about 5 million people who were able to defeat terrorism and preserve the territorial integrity of Syria, and said: The Autonomous Administration represents all components of northern and eastern Syria. (photos and video attached).
    • The Co-chair of the Defense Office in North and East Syria called on the Syrian people to unite in the face of suspicious deals between the Turkish occupation state and great powers against the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. (photos and video attached).
    • My human rights defender criticized the international approach to the trial of ISIS mercenaries in the al-Hol camp and the prisons of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and considered the countries’ evasion of recovering their nationals from mercenaries as international failure in a serious case that threatens world peace. (photos and video attached).
    • The coordinator of the Euphrates Dam, Rushdi Ramadan, confirmed that the water supply of the Euphrates from the Turkish side is still the same since the beginning of 2021. It is less than 200 m3 / s. (photos and video attached).


    • A number of Kurdish politicians denounced the Syrian Foreign Ministry's statement about the Autonomous Administration, and said that it aims to sow discord among the components of the region and strike the administration's gains in north and east Syria, noting that the administration seeks to consolidate peace and equality among all components, sects and all segments of society. (photos and video attached).
    • The joint presidency of Derik District Council praised the heroic resistance of the Popular Defense Forces in the face of the colonial plans of the Turkish occupation state, calling for an escalation of the struggle against Turkey, which seeks to occupy Başûr and parts of Iraq. (photos and video attached).


    • A member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Ramzi Sheikh Moss, demanded the release of the diplomats kidnapped by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK), indicating that the latter's policy serves the Turkish occupation. (photos and video attached).
    • Nilufer Koç said that Turkey failed in the last stages of its war against southern Kurdistan, and added: "In order to achieve victory, I assigned the Democratic Party the task of besieging and eliminating guerrillas. Everyone should beware of these situations." (photos and video attached).