Hawar News Agency Center Plan 16-1-2021

- Follow-up of the events in the regions of northeast Syria.

- Follow-up of the events and activities in northeast Syria.

- People of Al-Hasakah today laid 3 martyrs from the People's Protection Units (YPG) in the shrine of the martyr Dijwar in the village of Daoudia to rest. (Attached with pictures and video).

- The co-chair of the Union of Intellectuals in the city of Manbij and its countryside, Ahmed Al-Yousef, said that since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Turkish state is trying to find the opportunity to expand at the expense of the Syrian lands, and he stressed that the people's will is not broken and cannot be defeated. (Attached with pictures and video).

- The components of Tal Tamer from Arabs, Assyria and Kurds emphasized that the solidarity of the components of the region is a key factor in the gains of the northeast Syria, and indicated that preserving these gains requires strengthening the cohesion. (Attached with pictures and video).

- Residents of villages adjacent to the front line in the northern and western countryside of Manbij say that the bombing of the Turkish occupation has undermined the region stability, as it targets civilians, young and old, stressing that they will not leave their land and homes whatever happens. (Attached with pictures and video).

- Afrin IDPs in al-Shahba canton, said that the Russian silence towards the attacks of the Turkish occupation is tantamount to a conspiracy against the resistance of Afrin, stressing that their resistance will continue until the liberation of Afrin. (Attached with pictures and video).

- People of the villages in eastern Kobane canton affirmed that clinging to resistance and standing by the military forces is the only way to reach victory. (Attached with pictures and video).


- The Revolutionary Youth Movement in Al-Hasakah and Qamishlo continues for the fifth day with its sit-in in solidarity with the hunger strike campaign in Turkish prisons, and denouncing the Turkish occupation's attacks on the regions of northeast Syria. (Attached with pictures and video).


- In the suburbs of Qamishlo district, a series of activities will be held to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the founding of the Kongra Star, at 10:00. (Attached with pictures and video).

- The official spokeswoman for the Kongra Star , Ramziya Muhammad, indicated that the second phase of the "No to occupation and extermination, together we protect women and life" campaign is scheduled to be launched on January 17th, calling on all women's organizations to join the campaign, to stand up to all the practices that occur against women, to escalate their struggle and protect the gains that have been achieved. (Attached with pictures and video).

- Arab women, from Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, expressed their rejection of the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and demanded that it be lifted from him, and stressed that his idea is a beacon for women and peoples of the Middle East as a whole. (Attached with pictures and video).


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