​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Center outline  27-4-2020

Following -up events taking place in north and east of Syria.

- Following -up the era resistance in its second phase.

- Following -up events and activities in north and east of Syria.

- Northeast of Syrian journalists believe that the 34-days measures of the Autonomous Administration against the Corona are positive. They pointed to gaps that negatively affect the living reality in the region in the long term, and the need to cooperate with the media to overcome the stage. ) attached with photos and videos )


-Kobane people called on Kurdish parties to find a solution to their disputes and start a political dialogue, stressing the need to unite the Kurds to meet the abroad challenges. ) attached with photos and videos )

- Al-Omareen clan notable explained that they are aware of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries aims of kidnapping of one of Tel Abyad sheikhs, "This aims at destabilizing and hitting the social fabric", he pointed out that these practices will not hinder their determination, will and belief in their basic principles and march, which is to achieve civil peace." He said. ) attached with photos and videos)

Society and life

- The residents of Tel Beder town suffer from bad smells caused of a broken sewerage, and the People's Municipality reports that the solution of the problem and the repair of the sewers has been delayed due to the curfew (attached with photos and video).

- Students and residents of northern and eastern Syria welcomed the continuation of the distance learning process to ensure that children do not stay away from their education (attached with photos and video).