Hawar News Agency Center outline  26-4-2020

Following -up events taking place in north and east of Syria.

  •   Following -up the era resistance in its second phase.
  •  Following -up events and activities in north and east of Syria.
  •  The political researcher in the Middle East affairs, Niaz Hamed said that the      statements of the Kurdistan region president, Nijervan Barzani, are unacceptable. He thinks people in Kurdistan should move against the planed events in Zine Warti. ( attached with photos and videos)
  • Member of the Kurdish Clan Council, Abdul Qadir Weti explained that any Kurdish-Kurdish clash will have serious consequences on the Kurdish people, he pointed out the ongoing escalation in Zine Warte is in the interest of the Turkish state and called on the Kurdish forces to unite opinion and discourse. ( attached with photos and videos )


  • According to some observers, the intensive meetings of  Astana  comes amid public disputes among its parties, while the crisis of the Iraqi government forming still exists amid the high chances of approving it, and  the world oil prices keep on bleeding under the major shock on the U.S. crude. ( attached with photos )


  • Women's laws, customs and traditions which are in force in the northeast of Syria have contributed to reducing violence against women, and participatory life  under the imposed quarantine by the global pandemic. (Attached with video and photos).


            Society and Life Grants

  • Licenses to Farmers of Summer Vegetables and Fruit Trees in Manbij in preparation for providing supplies. (Attached with video and photos).
  •  A resident of Çilaxa countryside took advantage of his stay at home to create a small turbine to generate electricity from the flow of the river near his home. (Attached with video and photos)