Hawar News Agency Center- Oultline  9-4-2020

- Following-up the events in northeastern Syria.

- Following-up the events and activities in northeastern Syria.

-The co-chair of the Defense Office in the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria,  Zidan al-Assi of the ongoing bombardment of the Turkish occupation on the areas of north and east of Syria, causing displacement and hindering the administration's efforts to fight the corona virus. ( attached with videos and photos )

-The co-chair of the General Directorate  of the Environment in the Euphrates region Samir Feridon Ali that the sterilization materials are of universal qualities adding that they continue to sterilize until the end of the quarantine. ( attached with videos and photos )

-The artist Adnan Sharabaoui painted wall-paintings in the streets of Manbij with the support of the Democratic Civil Administration, harnessing his talent to perform his duty in society and contribute to raising the awareness  against the Corona pandemic. ( attached with videos and photos )