Hawar News Agency Center daily plan 10/24-2020

Follow-up of the events in NE Syria.

  • Follow-up events and activities in northern and eastern Syria.
  • The Youth Council of the Future Syria Party in the Euphrates region holds its first conference at the Cultural Center in Sarin sub-district at 10:00 (pictures and video attached).
  • People of Kobani and Qamishlo are marching in support of the military forces to condemn the Turkish attacks on the NE Syria regions at 10:00 pm (pictures and video attached).
  • A Commander in the SDF confirmed thwarting attempts by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries to occupy Ain Issa district in NE Syria. (pictures and video attached).


  • Turkey is escalating by all ways in the region to thwart the political solutions starting from Syria and Libya to Karabakh to the beat of war drums. It follows the Turkification in order to preserve its role and influence in these countries. (pictures and video attached).
  • The Syriac Military Council clarified that the US state of emergency in Syria did not undermine the Turkish attacks on the region, calling on the international active forces to stop the Turkish crimes. (pictures and video attached).
  • The Kurdish politician, Muhammad Amin Benjwini, said that the agreement concluded between the government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on Singal was carried out at the request of the Turkish state, and made clear that the Yazidis will live another disaster if they are left this time as well. (Accompanying with pictures and video).


  • Language is one of the most important determinants of the cultural identity of any people, just as the participation of women in the management of society acquires a pivotal role that cannot be ignored in any struggle that seeks to achieve a free society based on gender equality in all areas of life, so what does it mean to exclude women from management and marginalize the mother tongue (Correct with pictures and video).

Society and life

  • His story, Muhammad, documents the extent of family abuse that Syrian children are subjected to as a result of the catastrophic conditions that pass through the country, as he witnessed the killing of his brother and the death of his mother at the hands of his father, who was not asked or held accountable for his actions. (Accompanying with pictures and video).