Hawar news agency center’ daily 27-03-2020

Following the events witnessed in the regions of north and east Syria.

Following the activities in north and east Syria.

The chief doctor at al-Shaab (People) Hospital in al-Hasakeh city stated that the main item for the prevention of the Corona virus is hygiene and commitment to stay at home. He stressed that they are taking several precautions in al-Shaab Hospital to prevent this virus (attached with photos and video).

Those who were exempt from the curfew in the north and east of Syria appealed to the people for the need to adhere to the decision, and stressed that they are out there for the safety and service of those inside, that is, in homes (attached with photos and video).


Musa Afshar, the member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Iranian National Resistance Council, revealed that the Iranian regime's disregard of the emerging Corona virus crisis has caused the death of 10,900 people in 219 Iranian cities, stressing that the regime expelled the foreign medical teams to cover up the real numbers and hide the lack of medical equipment and drugs that have become Monopolization of the officials in the region and those affiliated with it (attached with photos).

Society and Life

Worms invaded farmlands in the southern countryside of Kobanê city, shattering the morale of farmers hoping to harvest an exceptional season in light of the heavy rains (attached with photos and video).