Hawar News Agency Center 9-7-2020

- Follow-up on the events of the northeast regions of Syria.

-Follow-up activities and activities in northeast of Syria.

-People of Dêrik and its environs bid the martyr Firas Sardar, to his final resting place at the martyr's shrine, Khabat Derek. The funeral procession will start at 18:00 (attached with pictures and video).

-Under "No to the Occupation, Shame and Disgrace for the Killers of the three Kurdish Women Activists in Kobani", a youth council is organizing a central march in Qamishlo, starting from the round of international martyrs at 10:00. (Photo and video attached).

- Kolani University sociologist Shervan Muslim explained that the isolation imposed on Commander Abdullah Ocalan is on democratic thought through which the freedom of society in the Middle East can be achieved by the colonial powers. (Attached to photos and video (

-The director of Antiquities Department in Al-Hasaka province called on the archaeological missions to carry out their duties in protecting the archaeological sites in the northeast of Syria, stressing that it is protection of human history(Photo and video attached )..


-Head of Lawyers Union in Al-Raqqa , Meshalab Al-Turkan, stressed that cutting off water is one of the methods of the Turkish war to exhaust Syrian people. He pointed out that Turkey is  tool in the hands of great countries use to achieve their interests on Syrian soil. (Photo and video attached ).

Notable of Al-Bunni Sabaa clan, from the Arab tribe of Tayi denounced the Turkish threats over the entire Syrian geography, and stressed the need for the Arab countries to take their role in standing in front of Turkish expansion in northeast Syria. He showed that the Turkish threat threatens the entire Arab world. (Photo and video attached ).


She got acquainted with the Kurdistan Liberation Movement through her children and believed in her, she devoted her life to serving the movement and the militants until she passed away. Mother Ouyesh was one of the first Arab women to meet the leader Abdullah Ocalan in the nineties, to mark a history full of achievements in her balance as a woman to serve her country, distinguished by her political and social activities until her daughter, Janda, sacrificed for the homeland  (Photo and video attached).