​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Center 6-7-2020      

- Follow-up on the events  in the northeast regions of Syria..                                             

- Follow-up activities and activities in northeast of Syria.

- Sheikh of the Sabkha clan in Al-Raqqa pointed out that they area reject any forces other than the SDF in the area, noting that stirring unrest and discord between the components of northeast of Syria is totally rejected. (Photo and video attached)


- Politician ,  Ali Karimi said that the interference of the Turkish state in Kurdish affairs does not matter to Iraq very much. He  noted that the policies of the Kurdistan Democratic Party allowed Turkey to occupy the region. (Attached with pictures )

- The head of the International Body for Documenting Genocide against the Kurdish People, explained that the Turkish occupation exploits the weakness of the ruling regimes of Kurdistan to commit their massacres and violations, noting that it requires military force, a unified policy and economic response to the Turkish occupation, calling for providing them with documents that highlight violations to submit to international courts. (Attached with pictures(


- The Association of Educated Women organizes a lecture under "The Status of Women before and after Islam" at the Culture Directorate in Qamishlo at 10.00 am (attached with pictures and video (

- The Center for Research and Protection of Women's Rights will announce in a statement a campaign to collect signatures to demand accountability for the perpetrators of the assassination of the martyr Hevrin Khalaf, at 12:00  (attached with photos and videos(

- Siroush Halabja from Başûr Kurdistan expressed regret over the world silence regarding the attacks of the occupier on Başûr and Rojava of Kurdistan, and said that Turkey aims to fight organized women. She saw that the Kurdish speech leads the people towards victory. (Attached with pictures (

- Activists criticized the international silence regarding the attacks of the occupier on women, and pointed out that "Turkey believes that women who resist are a threat to its system, so they deliberately targeted them. They demanded the release of women detainees (attached to photos and videos)

Society and life

- Economic economist Mohammed Horan stressed the need to open the door to free trade in the areas of AA, and encourage the establishment of factories and companies and the establishment of a partnership between the public and private sectors, in order to alleviate the economic crisis that is afflicting Syria, especially after the application of the US CA. (Photo and video attached)

- The joint head of the Economic and Agriculture Authority in the AA said that the yellow corn dryer in the city of Raqqa will enter the service soon, with a production capacity of 45 tons per hour, and revealed the support plans that the authority will provide to farmers during the upcoming winter planting season, noting the burning of more than 120 thousand dunums During the current harvest, most of it is due to the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. (Photo and video included).