Hawar News Agency Center 6-6-2020

- Follow the course of events in the north and east of Syria.

- Follow-up activities and activities in northern and eastern Syria.

 - Today, a reconciliation session will be held between a family of Al-Sharabi and Salman Nuhhi, who lost one of his sons. The session will take place in Tel Tamr area at 10:00. (Photo and video attached).

 - The Democratic Union Party continues to hold a series of mass meetings in Qamishlo and the district of Al-Darbasiyah to explain the developments in the region, at 10:00 (attached with photos and videos).

- The Democratic Society Movement holds a series of meetings in the Dêrik, Ber Arf, and Al-Kujarat region and Girkê Legê to discuss the latest developments in the region (attached with pictures and videos).

- The elders of the Arab clans in Al-Jazeera region "Tayy, Jabour and Shammar," sent a message to all the Arab clans in the north and east of Syria, not to be drawn behind the policies of the colonial countries from the temptation of the youth  (Photo and video attached).

- Citizens in the countryside of Tel Tamr confirmed that Turkey and ISIS are "two faces of the same coin" that are not different from each other except by "dress", and they said that what ISIS previously practiced today is the Turkish occupation against them. (Photo and video attached).


- The head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim al-Qaftan, warned that failure to adopt an internal Syrian dialogue would lead to dependence on external forces. he called on the Syrians whom Turkey markets to Libya to return to their country, saying the Syrian revolution came out to liberate the sons of Syria, not to kill the sons of Libya


- Members of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in Aleppo condemned the murder of young Barish Cacan, who was killed in Turkey for listening to Kurdish songs, stressing the continuation against racist policies. (Photo and video attached).


- Women of Qamishlo indicated that the Turkish state aims, behind the imposition of isolation, on the leader Abdullah Ocalan to eliminate his thought that frightens Turkish fascism, stressing that the people calling for freedom adopt Ocalan's thought and take it as their principle. (Photo and video attached).

- The Turkish state’s practices towards women in the areas it occupies in Syria are no different from their practices in Turkey and early Kurdistan, according to statistics that show an increase in cases of violence against women and the government's leniency with perpetrators of crimes and violence without convicting them of severe penalties. (Photo and video attached).