Hawar news agency center 6-30-2020

- Follow the course of events in the northeast regions of Syria.

- Follow-up activities and activities in northeast of Syria.

- The northeast regions of Syria witnessed a series of events in conjunction with the anniversary of the militant Zinat Kanaji ,Zilan martyrdom. (Attached with videos and pictures).

- The activities of the technical week for the Golden Crescent Movement begin in Ahdath district, Al-Shahbaa district, at 17:00 (Photo and video attached).

- Lawyer Israfil Bakir said that everything that the Turkish state is doing in the Syrian north to build a cement wall within the Syrian territories and impose its currency on the Syrian people is contrary to international laws and international covenants on the sovereignty of states, adding that the Turkish state must be held accountable before the International Criminal Court. (Attached with videos and pictures).


- History is abound in the names of commandos women who changed the fate of their people, revolted against their dark reality, and turned their bodies into bridges through which their people crossed to freedom, but the Kurdish guerrilla woman remains the most striking, because it was not only against the occupation but against the male mentality that wanted to enslave the woman.

- The administrator of the Research Center for the Protection of Women 's Rights, Ainur Pasha, said that the crimes of Turkey against women and children in northeast of Syria fall under war crimes against humanity. (Attached with videos and pictures).


-The head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim al-Qaftan, indicated that the unity of the Kurdish rank is a guarantee of the unity of all components of Syria, with all its races and sects. He warned the Syrians against the goals of the expansionist Turkish state in the region. (Attached with videos and pictures).

- Member of the General Executive Council of the Democratic Union Party Berivan Hassan said that "the Arab countries are silent about the aggression committed by Turkey on the sovereignty of many Arab countries, and the international community helps the Turkish occupation and provides them with support and political cover through its silence." (Attached with videos and photos) .

 Culture and art

- She seeks to narrate the reality of Afrin, the pre-occupation and post-occupation , through her painting at the Sardam camp, and Roshan Seno says, "Through my two olive trees, I tried to materialize the reality of Afrin before the Turkish army and its mercenaries occupied it, and after its occupation." (Attached with videos and photos).