​​​​​​​Hawar news agency center, 5-31-2020

- Follow the course of events in the regions of northeast of Syria.

- Follow-up activities and activities in northeast Syria.

- Kobane people  will recall the martyrs of March, April and May during a ceremony at the shrine of the martyr Dijla at 19:30. (Photo and video attached )).

-The residents of the village of Ma'aratah located in Al-Shahba District, in cooperation with the two communes, contributed in repairing the village mosque, which was destroyed by ISIS mercenaries 5 years ago. (Photo and video attached )

- The Kurdish writer Malvan Rasul said that the success of the efforts to unify the Kurdish rank in Rojava would internationalize the Kurdish people Cause in Syria, and protect their gains, as he praised the role of various social sets in supporting these endeavors. (Photo and video attached )

Middle East

- Russia intensified its moves in the Syrian file last week as it seeks to strengthen its grip on the decisions of the Assad government, while tension escalated between Washington and Tehran. Observers see that there is concern in Washington and the West about the repetition of the "Syrian Astana" scenario in Libya.

Society and life

- To solve the sewage problem in Al-Shaddadi sub-district, the municipality is working to implement 4 km-long project within its potentials, in response to the complaints of the residents. (Photo and video attached )

- The Agricultural Community Development Company in Al-Darbasiyeh said that the silos of the district will not receive wheat and barley due to the damage done to them due to the attacks of the Turkish occupation. (Photo and video attached )


-Member of the General Council of the Future Syria Party - Al-Jazeera branch, said, "Erdogan's regime sponsors the Brotherhood project," and the purchase and exploitation of terrorist groups in the conflicts in the region. (Photo and video attached )