Hawar News Agency Center 16-5-2020

-Follow-up to the events in the northeast of Syria.

-Follow-up events and activities in the northeast of Syria

 -Hanna Soumi explained that the application of the democratic nation  theory of Ocalan will end all conflicts and wars in the Middle East and lays the foundations to overcome all misconceptions resulting from national, religious and gender intolerance. " (attached with pictures and video)

-The co-chair of the Council of  Martyrs Families in the Euphrates region, Arif Bali called on accelerating the pace of the struggle to lift the severe isolation imposed on leader Ocalan. " (attached with pictures and video)

- -The chairman of the Council of Al-Jubour tribe in Syria appealed to the sons of the Arab component of the mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation army to leave these groups, and said: "You are killing your family and brothers in Syria and Libya," stressing that the Turkish regime exploits Arab youth and recruits them in the war, under the name of  Arabism and Islam" (attached with pictures and video)


 -140 years passed on Sykes-Picot Agreement that turned the Middle East into a quagmire of blood, with the continuation of the World War III in Syria, this agreement has lost its content marked the beginning of a new phase, where the imperialist powers "America, Israel, Russia" held unclear meeting in Jerusalem. The question here: Is there a new Sykes-Picot? " (attached with pictures)


-Member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party Shukri Hamo said that Turkey's goal of escalating tensions in the areas of Zîne Wartê  is to divide the region and "destroy what was built in Başûr of Kurdistan". Hamo called on the Kurdish parties to confront these plans. " (attached with pictures and video)

 -Kurdish intellectuals believe that it is necessary to reach a comprehensive Kurdish national unity that is not limited to some parties only, and that intellectuals should play a key role in pushing for that trend, while the media blackout to the moment continues to overshadow the meetings that take place in the context of the unity of the Kurdish rank (attached with the pictures and video).


-The co-chair of PYD in the Euphrates region called on all women to do more to make the Kurdish unity initiative a success, and to highlight their role in their investigation, and said that the Kurds need to unite to face to the attacks of the occupier (attached to photos and video )

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