​​​​​​​ Hawar News Agency Center 16-1-2020

- Following-up to the events taking place in northern and eastern Syria.

 - Following-up the Age Resistance in its second phase.

 Following-up events and activities in NE, Syria.

- The Office of the Military Relations in Tel Hamis district is holding a meeting for the Arab Sheikhs and clans' notables in the district to discuss the current situation in the region and how to support the SDF, at 10:00. (Attached with photos and video).

 - The forcibly displaced to people of Afrin to al-Shahaba canton, denounced the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan by the Turkish authorities, describing it as attempts to block the solution of crises in the Middle East. Attached with ( photos and videos).

 - The people of Qamishlo and Sere kaniye displaced addressed the Kurdish parties that are fleeing the unification of the ranks. Why don't you listen to the Kurdish people's voice? "We will hold the Kurdish political parties accountable if they don't unite, and they will pay a disservice tax," they said. Attached with ( photos and videos  (


- A Kurdish commander in NE, Syria confirmed that the solution in Syria will come only through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, not the opposite, bargaining and dialogue with the occupied parties to the Syrian territories, and described the recent security meeting between the Syrian regime and Turkey as a new step in bargaining at the expense of the Syrian people. (Photos and video attached).

The co-chair of the General Council of Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria said: The only solution to the Syrian crisis lies in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, away from foreign agendas, calling on Russia to play major role in solving Syrian crisis. Photos and video attached).

- Kurdish writer and researcher Saleh Haido said that the initiative of General Mazloum Abdi was excellent, and he called on the Kurdish people to stand with this initiative to achieve Kurdish unity, and he said: "Some parties are fabricating seditions and excuses to keep the Kurds away from each other, who evade the Kurdish unity does not matter who They are, most importantly, they should be included in the "enemies' box." Photos and video attached).

the world

- The Tunisian journalist, PH.D. Abdul Salam Choucair, confirmed that Erdogan is dealing with his allies in Tunisia to support their organization in Libya, and he saw that there was a plan that the Brotherhood movement took as a way to destroy the peoples of the region, but it failed and left Libya, which will be an outlet for the entry of the Turks to Algeria and perhaps Egypt. Photos and video attached).