Hawar News Agency Center 14-5-2020

-Follow-up to the events of northeast Syria.

-Follow-up events and activities of northeast Syria

-Ain Issa fighters do not differentiate between ISIS and the Turkish occupation army fighting. They confirmed that their resistance will continue until the liberation of the entire occupied territories. (attached with photos and video).

-The Joint Presidency of the HRO in Al Jazeera region explained that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries  violate article 8 of the Rome Charter on children recruitment which amounts to "war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide", stressing that the perpetrators of these crimes must be referred to the International Criminal Court (attached with photographs and video).

-The model of participatory life in the Girê Spî/Tal Abyad camp for displaced persons, dashed the hopes of the Turkish occupation state to eliminate this model. In a short period of time, the displaced and the camp administration were able to establish 30 communes, while all camp tents are centers for the communes (attached with photos and video).

-Ibrahim al-Thalaj, member of the Leading Committee of the Modernity and Democracy of Syria Party, stressed the need to prosecute ISIS mercenaries urgently, saying: "An international tribunal must be set up in northeast Syria." (attached with photos and video).

-What has been happening in Sweida province for months, a living example of the power of militias in Syria Assad, is louder than the Russian or Iranian militias who created them to suppress the rebellion of the regions over the "Sovereignty of the President",  in exchange for this venerable service of the occupiers, they have launched their hands to do what they like. They exercise tyranny over the population in the geographical areas they dominate (attached with the photographs).


-The First World War I ended with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and Syria fell under the French mandate, although the Kurds enjoyed a margin of freedom and the ability to write and publish, restrictions and pressures soon returned to the Kurdish language after the declaration of independence (attached with the pictures).


-Hassan Mohammed Ali, a member of the Presidential Committee Syria Democratic Council, said that the recent statements issued by the U.S. envoy are "temporary, "stressing that any proposal to resolve the Syrian crisis without northeast areas of Syria will only bring with it more chaos (attached with photos and video).

-Kurdish politicians explained that the increased tension in the Zîne Wartê region will have negative effects on the Kurdish people, and Turkey is trying to break up the Kurdish fabric. They called on facing the plans carried out by the Turkish occupation (attached with photos and video).