Hawar News Agency Center 13-7-2020

Follow the course of events in the northeast of Syria

  • Follow-up activities and activities in northeast of Syria.
  • The Future Syria Party will hold the first conference of the "Euphrates Council" in Sirin district of Kobani canton at 09:00 (attached with pictures and videos
  • Co-chair of the Health Authority in northeast Syria, Jiwan Mustafa, stated that they have taken all necessary measures to prevent the outbreak of the new Corona virus( attached with videos and photos.


  • The advisor of the Autonomous Administration for Legal Affairs Anwar Al-Mushraf confirmed that the resolution of entering aid from the Bab al-Hawa crossing to Syria came to legitimize Turkish criminality, and green light Turkish war crimes in Syria.
  • The notables of Al-Shaddadi clans pointed out that Turkish occupation massacres aims at Turkification of the northeast areas of Syria. They stressed that its attacks on the Syrian territories are carried out with a Russian green light.


  • Yemen is hotbed following the flaming war that has been ongoing for more than 6 years, amid great fears of possible Turkish interference promoted by politicians and media linked with the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, as they openly demanded the necessity of Turkish intervention in the Yemeni state taking advantage of the state of weakness it suffers.( attached with videos and photos


  • Members of the Young Women Union indicated that the Turkish occupation aims to break the will of the woman. They pointed out that this stage requires organization within the framework of legitimate defense, and emphasized the continuation of their effectiveness. (Photo and video attached(

              Culture and art

  • The poet Bashir Mulla Nawaf explained that the Kurdish poetry should simulate the suffering of the people, and highlight the human and sentimental side in line with the current reality, while the writer Abdul Baqi Muhammad stated that Kurdish literature is still in the stage of labor, and is looking for its tools, during their participation in the activities of the seventh Roj Ava Festival For culture and art.  (attached with videos and photos )