Hawar News Agency Center 11-5-2020

- Follow-up the events in northeast  Syria.

-Follow-up events and activities in northeast Syria.

- The families of the martyrs explained that their sons sacrificed their lives for the freedom and unity of their people. So Kurdish political parties must put aside their narrow personal and partisan interests and achieve the unity of the Kurdish rank. ( attached with photos and videos)

- The suffering of Serêkaniyê displaced renews day by day amid the inaction of humanitarian organizations and failure to provide assistance to the displaced who were forced to leave their homes due to the Turkish attacks. ( attached with photos and videos)


- The situation in Libya is witnessing a great acceleration in events, where sources confirm that the Libyan National Army is preparing to storm the Libyan capital Tripoli, while Turkey, the Accor Goverment and the Syrian mercenaries intensified their movement in the region, what is going on? (Attached with the pictures).


-The woman embodied  in the person of the militant Mazgin "Ghorbit Aydin" the image of the free Kurdish woman, and possessed the qualities of revolutionary women. She entered the hearts of millions with her voice and art, and became a bridge to authentic Kurdish art. With her martyrdom left a mark on her comrades and people (attached with photos and videos).

Society and Life

- The General Directorate of Agriculture is supporting agricultural association projects in deir ez-Zor areas, and some projects have been completed so far after they have been delayed in compliance with the curfew imposed on northern and eastern Syria as a result of the Corona pandemic (attached with photos and video). –

In a first-of-its-kind move, two citizens of Kobane city opened a mini-shoe workshop, which will help ease the impact of high prices in the markets (attached with photos and video).