Hawar News Agency Center 1-6-2020

- Follow  up the course of events in the northeast areas of Syria.

- Follow-up activities and activities in northeast of Syria.

-The notables of Afrin and Al-Shahba will make a statement regarding the violations committed by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation against the people of Afrin, in front of the building of the National Alliance Party, at 13:00( attached with photos and videos )

-The people of Abre village  offer condolences to the families of the martyr Nalin Musa, nom de guerre, Jakjin Jan (attached with pictures and videos).

-Despite opening it several days ago, civilians are very afraid of the M4 road for fear of being targeted by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, stressing that the M5 road is also with a Russian-Turkish guarantee, but violations by the occupation mercenaries against civilians continue . (Photo and video attached).

- -Muhammad Khair Sheikho pointed out that launching the campaign of Manbij  liberation avoided the danger of occupation of Manbij. (Photo and video attached )

-The co-chair of the Agriculture and Economy Authority said that there is no action or intention for the Autonomous Administration to raise the price of bread or any other food items in conjunction with raising the price of wheat crop. (Attached with pictures and video )

- The official in the Internal Security Forces in Al-Raqqa, Fadi Al-Hussein, confirmed that investigations are ongoing until the circumstances of the killing of the child Khalil Abdul-Razzaq and the arrest of the perpetrators are revealed, while he appealed to the parents to monitor their children for their safety. (Photo and video attached).


- Saleh Muslim confirmed that the first phase of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue was positive, and pointed out that the Kurdish National Unity parties will join the second phase of talks, which is expected to start soon, indicating that the achievement of the Kurdish rank unity will affect the situation in Syria, Kurdistan and the Middle East in general . (Photo and video attached).


- The Secretary General of the Youth Party for Construction and Change, Perwin Ibrahim, called on the Syrian government to listen to the views and demands of all components of the Syrian people, adding that there will be no solution; If it is unilateral only by the Syrian authority. (Photo and video attached).


- For 75 continuous days, starting from June 1, 2016, Manbij Military Council was able to liberate the city of Manbij nearly 4 years from now, so that  the city people  could heave their breath more than two years after it fell under the occupation of ISIS. (Photo and video attached).


-Kongra Star denounced the crimes and violations committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin and women, and organizes a demonstration in Al-Shahba and Aleppo city, at 17:00, and the Women’s Authority in Afrin canton issues a statement to the public opinion at 11:00, and the women's office in the Syria Democratic Council with make  a statement at 12:00. (Photo and video attached).

-A group of Afrin women in Qamishlo city organize a sit-in in front of the United Nations headquarters in Al-Madaniya to condemn the crimes of Turkey and mercenaries against Kurdish women in Afrin, and deliver them a message demanding that they stop crimes and hold perpetrators accountable. 10:30 (photo and video attached).

-Women's organizations condemned the international silence regarding the crimes and violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries without taking any measures against them, especially the violations against women in the occupied areas and the torture they face in prisons and mercenary detention centers. (Photo and video attached).