Hawar News Agency Center 07-06-2020

-Follow the course of events in the regions of northeast of Syria.

- Follow-up activities and activities in northeast of Syria.

- The people of Turbah Sibih and Tal Hamis districts are going out in demonstrations denouncing the arrest of the parliamentarian in the Peoples Democratic Party, Laila Koven by the Turkish Justice and Development Party, at 09:00. (Photo and video attached).

-The people of Dêrik pretend to denounce the practices of the Turkish occupation in northeast of Syria, at exactly 11:00 in Azadi Square. (Photo and video attached).

- The Democratic Union Party continues to hold a series of mass meetings in Al-Jazeera region. (Photo and video attached).

-Mercenaries kidnapped her mother and brother and sister, after 8 years, their fate remains unknown. (Photo and video attached).

- Al-Raqqa peasants fear that the agricultural sector will deteriorate in the coming months, as the Euphrates River is witnessing the largest decline in its level since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis due to Turkey's prevent  of its flow into Syria. (Photo and video attached).

-The Agricultural Community Development Company in the Euphrates region is responsible for transporting wheat from Rovi and Jalabiya silos to the centers in Manbij, Al-Tabqa and Ain Issa. (Photo and video attached).

-Clans in the Al-Shaddadi side affirmed their support for the SDF in the "Counter- Terrorism" campaign against ISIS mercenary cells, and they said the people and clans of the areas from the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah province to the areas of Deir Al-Zour heart and heart with the forces participating in the campaign. (Attached with photos and videos) .

-Kurdish citizens warned against any delay in uniting the Kurdish rank that would deepen the dispersion in the Kurdish street. (Photo and video attached).

-The administrator of the Martyrs Families Concil in Qamishlo canton, Masum Hassan, called on the people to beware of some parties that are trying to discredit the families of the martyrs in northeast of Syria. (Photo and video attached).

-A leader and fighter in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces said that the campaign of Counter-Terrorism came to rid the people of ISIS cells, and they emphasized the continuation of the campaign until the elimination of ISIS cells. (Photo and video attached).

Middle East

-Syria is living in a state of increasing anxiety from a living crisis due to the deterioration of the lira and crop fires in conjunction with the near implementation of Caesar's Act, while the Libyan file is ambiguous, despite the escalation by Turkey the Accord, there are calls for negotiations, while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is preparing For internal events.


-The Deputy Co-Presidency of Al-Shaddadi side council said that the international silence towards the crimes of Turkey and its mercenaries in the occupied areas is "reprehensible." (Attached with pictures and video).

- The co-chair of the Kurdistan National Congress, Nilofer Koj, said that the international mediation in the issue of national unity is the result of the policy existing in the 21st century, in which contradictions and relations are conducted at the same time, and she explained that the Kurds have entered a stage where they can build their entity ..


-Syria is about to go under the American Caesar Act, which imposes sanctions on the Syrian government, while many observers wonder about the extent to which the Syrian regions, especially the autonomous regions of northern and eastern Syria, are affected by this law.