Hawar News Agency 23-3-2020

- Following-up the events in northeastern Syria.

 Following-up events and activities in northeastern Syria.

- Under the issued circular by the co-chair of the Executive Council of Northern and Eastern Syria as a preventive measure to prevent the outbreak of the coronavirus, the ban on travel in northern and eastern Syria begins at 6:00 a.m. on Monday, March 23.

 - The co-chair of the occupied Girê Spî district Council, Hamid al-Abd, called on all citizens to abide by the preventive measures of the Autonomous Administration to deter the outbreak of the coronavirus, reassuring the people that all service committees will be ready for help at any time, especially the Observation Control to prevent monopoly and exploitation. (Attached with photos and video).

- Shams eddine Mala Ibrahim explained, that the main reason in the fire in Al Hasaka prison, which killed more than 62 people, including 25 Kurds, was the police chief in charge of the prison, the prison administration and political security there, due to idleness and bribes, and the entryof drugs with their knowledge and permission. (Attached with photos and video).


 - The international coalition against ISIS and the international community is failing to provide support and assistance to the town of Baguz, which has suffered greatly under ISIS rule, while the Local Council of  Baguz with the support of Deir ez-Zor Civil Council, is seeking to advance the town again and rely on its own potential. (Attached with photos and video).

 - The dangers of Turkish intervention in Syria and the occupation of parts of the north come in scenarios very similar to those that is brought to the forefront in Syria, after the end of the latter. It seems that the Turkish threat will not be less than that of ISIS. (Attached with photos and video).


- Juma Kalo, a member of the General Council of the North and East of Syria, said that the philosophy of the democratic nation was not merely a coincidence or the result of the crisis in Syria, but an in-house study of the history and civilizations of the peoples of the region by Abdullah Ocalan. (Attached with photos and video).