Hawar News Agency 20-3-2020

- Following-up the events in northeastern Syria.

-Following-up the events and activities in northeastern Syria.

- The Health Authority of the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria holds a press conference to explain the mechanisms of confronting the CORONA virus and the latest issued measures  in this regard at 12:00. (Attached with photos and video).

- The Iraqis have been looking for their homeland for 17 years.  On this day, America entered Iraq after promising its people democracy and a new Iraq. Today it is talking about going out, leaving behind a country that is mired in sectarian and national conflicts, what is the solution? (attached with the pictures).


 - The components of the north and east of Syria confirm that the project of the democratic nation in the region is unique. It is the best way to resolve the Syrian crisis, which is exacerbated by the interventions of the guarantor states and the Syrians should follow this project. (attached with photos and video).