Hawar News Agency 20-2-2020

 - Following-up the events in northeastern Syria.

-Following-up the events and activities in northern and eastern Syria.

- The Office of the Culture and Art Committee in Hasakeh, in cooperation with the Academies of The Democratic Society, organizes a lecture on the plot against Abdullah Ocalan, at al Khabur Center for Culture and Art in al-Mufti neighborhood, at 11:00, attached (photos and video).

 - The North and East of Syrian Federation organizes a community dialogue forum under the slogan "A unified, democratic Syria, with one voice to reject the Turkish occupation and foreign intervention" at Al Tayoufor hall in Hasakeh city. Attached (photos and video).

- The Yazidi Union  in Afrin canton is  holding a festival ritual (Bekhun) in Al-Shahba canton at Sardam camp at 13:00 (attached with photos and video 

The residents of Girke Lege district offer condolences to the families of the 7 martyrs in the town of Mustafawya, at 10:00, and Qamishlo people offer condolences to the families of the martyr Saleh Qawas, mom de guerre, Dilsher, in Al Gharbi neighborhood at 11:00. (Attached with photos and video).

 - The  Afrin Displaced  and Shirawa region people  condemned the violations of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries and called on international organizations to immediately stop  the violations. Attached (photos and video).


 - Aldar Khalil pointed out that the huge Turkish reinforcements in Idlib aimed to stabilize the Turkish occupation of Syria, and expand it to Kirkuk and Mosul by 2023. He also said that Erdogan sold what is known as the Syrian opposition in Idlib. Attached (photos and video).

( A.J )