Hawar News Agency 2-5-2020

-Following up the events taking place in northeast Syria.  Following up the events and activities in northeast Syria. Kobane Workers' Union is touring workers on World Workers' Day at 09:00 (photo and video attached).

-Expatriates confirm their association with their homeland through the periodic initiative of support for their families at home, the latest of which, a group of expatriates from  Tirbespiyê countryside villages raised money for the needy families and service projects. (attached with photos and video).

- "I lost my father and two brothers at their hands. We can't live or stay on our land with them. We want to live under the Autonomous Administration security," Mohammed Ali Biro expressed in these few words the suffering he had under the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. (attached with photos and video).


- Consensus agree that national unity will guarantee the rights of kurds and overcome all the plans and seditions that are being hatched by enemies. (attached with photos and video).


- Under the title "living demand" and in a purely political absence, protests spread across Lebanon and threaten a new conflict between the army and citizens amid a collapsed economy under sanctions of the European Union on Iranian-backed groups (attached with photos and video).

Society and Life

- Residents of Shirawa district in Afrin canton were forced to trim olive trees this year on an unscheduled basis, as the Turkish occupation army intensified its shelling of the villages of the district recently. (Attached with photos and video)

- The efforts of the working women in the health and service services in northeast Syria have joined forces at this stage of the curfew to lead the response to the Corona crisis, with the assurance that they are continuing their work to the end (attached with photos and video)