Hawar News Agency  19-2-2020

- Following-up  the events taking place in northeastern Syria.

-Following-up the events and activities in northeastern Syria.

 - Direk city  residents bide Farwell  two SDF martyrs corpses, Khabat Ibrahim and Zinar Butan, to their final resting place at the shrine of martyr, Khabat Direk. People of Al-Shaddadi district also bide Farwell another martyr, to his last resting place at the Shrine of martyr Rustam Jodi, at 10:00, (attached with pictures and  video.)

- The Council of the Martyrs Families in Qamishlo recalls the martyrs of February  during the revolution of Rojava and northeastern Syria, at 11:00, at the Mohammed Shekho Center for Culture and Art   (attached with  photos and video).

 - Council of Tel Hamis district is holding a meeting to explain the latest developments in the region, at 11:00 a.m. ( attached with photos and videos )

- More than 8,000 Syrian mercenaries have been tried by the People's Defense Courts so far. While more than 600 cases are currently being heard.  The Legal Committee is preparing to prosecute the foreign ISIS mercenaries in the absence of an international court in northeastern Syria. Attached (photos and video).

- During more than two years of occupation, Afrin historical ruins of Afrin were destroyed and looted by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, amid international silence. Attached (photos and video).

 - The Afrin displaced  and people of Shirawa region condemned the violations of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on the villages of Shirawa district, and called on international organizations to immediately stop violations.  Attached (photos and video).

- Afrin canton displaced, who live in the villages of Al-Shehba canton confirmed that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries intensified their shelling on the civilian villages in Al-Shehba province, after their defeat against the Syrian regime in Aleppo and Idlib.  Attached (photos and video).

 - The Armenian component in Kobane said that the Turkish authorities imposed isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan because his idea calls for openness and freedom, and isolation is only an attempt to prevent his guidance for the peoples of the region. Attached (photos and video).


- The head of the Euphrates region branch of the Future Syria Party : What is happening in Idlib is a power struggle between Russia and Turkey at the expense of the Syrians, neither the regime nor Turkey can cross the red lines agreed upon in Sochi. Attached (photos and video).