Having refused to go to Libya, he was found hanged near his home

The body of the young man, Muhammad Mustafa Yusuf, was found hanged on a walnut tree near his house in the village of Mirkan in Mobata district of the occupied Afrin region, after he refused to go to Libya.

Sources told Human Rights Organization in Afrin-Syria that the body of a young man, Mustafa Mustafa Yusef, was found hanged on a walnut tree near the house where he lives with his family in the village of Hassia (Mirkan) on Thursday morning, Hassia village is located in Mobata district in the occupied Afrin canton, his name is Muhammad Mustafa Hamida Awsah, and he is an only child.

According to the Human Rights Organization in Afrin-Syria, according to a source from Afrin, the family of the young man Muhammad was forced to move to a residence in the village of Hassia (Mirkan), due to the fact that the Samarkand faction had seized their house in the village of Haj Qasim, which belongs to the same district, after being subjected to harassment by the elements of the Samarkand faction of the Turkish occupation for their refusal to send their son Muhammad with the minor Abdo Sheikho from the village of Rutanli to Libya to fight alongside the Accord Government supported by Turkey.

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