Hasso: AKP on the brink of collapse

 The co –chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) said that the Turkish authorities' seizure of the municipalities of north Kurdistan is the result of the failure of Turkey's domestic and foreign policies, noting that the AKP on the brink of collapse.

The Turkish authorities sacked a number of mayors of north Kurdistan from their duties, and seized the municipalities and appointed guardians of the authority on the municipalities, amid loud reactions from the people of north Kurdistan and political parties.

The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Aisha Hasso, told the Hawar news agency (ANHA) saying" The Turkish state went bankrupt and failed in its domestic and foreign policies, the outbreak of the Government of Justice and Development has reached its highest level. "

'Because of the decline of democracies Turkey suffers from crisis

Hasso said that the seizure of municipalities is a political coup. And added "The democratically elected municipalities have been illegally seized. This is a political coup. The problems and crises suffered by the Turkish state at the internal and external levels, mainly stemming from the decline and lack of democracy, the Turkish state ignores and marginalizes the opinion of the people. Therefore, the people of Turkey must highlight the democratic approach. "

'Justice party fascism has reached its peak'

Aisha Hasso linked the Turkish state's takeover of municipalities and the appointment of guardians to the foreign policy of the Turkish state. Justice party fascism has brought it to great heights. The government of Justice and Development is heading towards collapse. It has also failed in its foreign policies, particularly on the issue of intervening in the Syrian crisis.

'From the theme' buffer zone 'to the seizure of municipalities'

"Turkey's seizure of municipalities coincided with the talk of establishing a 'safe zone' in northern Syria that did not come by chance, she added, "On the subject of the" buffer zone "things did not go as planned by Turkey. The Turkish state has therefore shifted its policies back to the internal situation and has taken over the municipalities. When you fail in domestic politics, The Turkish presence in the areas controlled by the so-called Euphrates Shield is a major intervention. Intervention in Libya and support for mercenary groups there, as well as attacks targeting areas of south Kurdistan, all these interventions are aimed at restoring and strengthening their domestic policies."

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) is pursuing the Ottoman approach and seeks to revive the Ottoman approach and the charter under the banner of "moderate Islam," but the truth is the opposite. The Turkish state system now suffers from a major crisis, and this crisis will be the beginning of the collapse of the Turkish state. The Turkish state has lost its international importance and is known as a state that supports and supports ISIS mercenaries. "

Bankruptcy of domestic and foreign policies

Aisha Hasso said that the Turkish state has turned into a mass of fire that is not known when it will explode, the De-escalation zone, which is now besieged in Idlib, has not been able to implement the provisions of the Astana agreements, nor can it impose orders on mercenary gangs.

'The solution in Imralı

Aisha Husso also touched upon the content of the messages of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan and stressed that the way to resolve crises and achieve democracy passes through Imrali, she also said, "The crisis of the Turkish state cannot solve the crisis, the Turkish state still insists on the party's approach and bloodshed. On the other hand, the solution to the crisis goes through Imrali."



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